The Conspiracy Series

If you’ve looked through my galleries you’ve noticed a series of pictures called, “The Conspiracy Series”.

This is a group of digitally manipulated photographs combined with some hand drawn art that cover the various topics that the main-stream media like to call, “conspiracy theories”. It’s interesting that calling someone a conspiracy theorist has become the new title for nut job. Of course, those who are using that as a derogatory slogan want you to think that for the first time in human history there are no conspiracies.

The dictionary definition of conspiracy is: a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.
This is going on all the time. It may be a bunch of terrorists in a cave plotting to do some “terror” on someone, or it may be the Federal Reserve plotting the next depression.

However you want to look at it, let’s just stop the name calling and realize conspiracies are currently part of the human condition. Now as far as “theories” is concerned, things are only theories until there’s enough data to prove it. So at some point, a conspiracy theory may become conspiracy fact.

Right now there are many things going on in the world that look very suspicious. 9/11, multiple wars, the economic collapse, GMO food. The list goes on. And the only way we’ll ever know if they are truly conspiracies is if we take a good hard look at all the evidence.

My art series is one of the ways I want to bring attention to some theories (and facts) and get enough people to put them under the microscope.  If we don’t, there is no hope for liberty and freedom in the world.

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