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Love Is In The Air

Hey! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. So I wrote a song and created a video just for lovers. Hope you like it.

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Socialism and Darwinism

Oh, for the good old days when being liberal meant you hated big government. What happened to that healthy mistrust of Big Brother? Somehow, liberals today decided that the kindhearted thing to do is give our lives over to the Feds because Big Government is so much more concerned about the well-being of their fellow man. They’ll never be unethical, greedy, power-hungry tyrants like those capitalists pigs. But I digress. Continue reading »

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Conspiracy Whackos

In my view, there are three types of people concerning conspiracies.

  1. The person who sees conspiracies in everything,
  2. The person who thinks there are no conspiracies anywhere
  3. The person who sees conspiracies where there are actual conspiracies.

Numbers 1 and 2 are both wackos on the subject of conspriracies.

Number 3 sees reality.

All types think the other two are nut jobs. Only number 3 is correct.

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2012 – The End Of Freedom (And it’s got nothing to do with the Mayans)

My idea for this website and the Conspiracy Art Series has been in the planning stage for the last few months. In that time I decided to expand on the idea of just the art series, to including videos, music and live performance. The plan now is to spend this year creating a one-man, multimedia Rock Opera called “Conspiracy”.

And could the timing be any better. Continue reading »

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