Socialism and Darwinism

Oh, for the good old days when being liberal meant you hated big government. What happened to that healthy mistrust of Big Brother? Somehow, liberals today decided that the kindhearted thing to do is give our lives over to the Feds because Big Government is so much more concerned about the well-being of their fellow man. They’ll never be unethical, greedy, power-hungry tyrants like those capitalists pigs. But I digress.

I want to talk about “isms” today. And while this post might sound like I’m a conservative, I’m not. I belong to that rapidly growing group who thinks it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a Democrat or Republican in the White House. They’re both on the same train heading toward Socialism. (Although, the Dems are on the express and the Repubs are on the local. They’ll still end up in the same place.)

Socialism is no longer a dirty word. Capitalism is the bad guy. And why? Because the economy is crashing down and they see corporations doing dumb things like paying huge rewards to CEOs that ran the business into the ground. They see giant monopolies taking advantage of the workers and the small business owners. Yeah. There are problems with capitalism. But should we fix it by putting in a system that will end up in a government that owns everything? Including your life!

So what’s the deal with Darwinism and Socialism? Seems to me you can’t believe in both. Darwin taught about the survival of the fittest. Natural selection. That’s the way species get stronger. It’s hard reality, but it apparently has some truth to it. If the weak, sickly or stupid are the ones to survive, the whole race or species will soon be extinct. It’s not kindhearted to allow the whole species to die off.

It’s the same with business. Bailing out companies because they are “too big to fail” rewards the dumb, unethical and the sickly. They should be allowed to fail if we’re going to have a strong economy. Penalizing the successful with higher tax rates, rewarding the non-producers all contribute to making the lazy, stupid or corrupt stronger. And it makes the successful, strong and ethical weaker. Someone said you can’t make a weak man strong by making a strong man weak. It’s true. Yes, jobs will be lost. Business will fail. Life is hard. Face it. But it will lead to better products, better ideas. A healthy and free society for everyone.

Socialism is diametrically opposed to evolution. It penalizes the strong and rewards the week. It brings down the whole society based on the lie that it’s more humane. Socialism just ain’t natural.

And yet today’s liberals seem to be for Socialism and Darwinism. How can you believe both?

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