About Neal Fox

Throughout the years Neal Fox has won awards for his music, film and art. As a singer-songwriter he was signed to three major labels (Polydor, RCA and Columbia Records). He had two charted singles and a Top Ten Dance Club Hit—”In the Jungle” about the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest. [One of his paintings adorns the back of his RCA album, A Painting, and all of his CD covers are his own design.]

As a partner in Patterson, Walz & Fox Music Productions, he spent several years composing themes, promo pieces and scores for film and TV, i.e., CBS Evening News with Dan Rather and the Killer Tomatoes movies. For this he received Clio, Addy and Telly awards.

During that time, he and his wife created a series of multicultural children’s books called the Confetti Company. Fox did the illustrations and scored the recordings which were narrated by actor Robert Guillaume (Benson).

From there he expanded into live theatre and film, with his work as an activist taking precedence over purely entertaining projects. He began creating music videos to carry his social-political messages and posted them on YouTube. Several of them, like F**k the Fed and The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, screened at film festivals and won awards.

Around 2009 Fox met a masterful figurative artist name Barry Gross. A mutual admiration for each other’s work resulted in a joint multimedia venture called EXPOSED: the Art Project. Two photographers, Adela Holmes and Prescott MacDonald, completed the team. Their common bond was a desire to make artistic contributions to better this world.

As the composer/filmmaker of EXPOSED, Fox created four videos for the 2011 premier exhibit. The themes were Social Commentary, Metamorphosis, Spirituality and, Time and Chance. Although it’s not unusual to see video displayed during an art exhibit, it is uncommon for the artist to be the composer as well. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive with people being moved to laughter, shock and tears.

One of the videos, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, has received over 600,000 views as of this writing and kicks up a lot of discussion on YouTube. Based on true stories but created as an art video with fictional characters, it recently won Best Documentary (2011) from Artists for a Better World.

In December 2010, prior to the premier, Fox’s digitally enhanced photograph, “Life Sucks,” won First Prize in Photography at Through the Eyes of Love, an exhibit honoring World Aids Day.

Getting more into the visual aspect of the arts led Fox to create a new site, separate from his music. The title was chosen because “offensive” means “an organized and forceful campaign to achieve something, typically a political or social end.” It also means something that can upset or anger someone. In short, no empty pretty pictures here.

Fox’s current work will bring music, film, canvas and live performance together. It will be his most outspoken work yet. The origins of the project can be seen here in his series called, the Conspiracy Project. You can follow its progress, and other works, on the blog. All of the art, music and video from the Conspiracy Project will be available as prints and DVDs.

DVD with bonus 17 song soundtrack now available at TheRealNealFox.com. You can also download the soundtrack at iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon.com.