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Well, it’s almost July 4th and the CONSPIRACY Project is almost complete. At least the “documentary” portion of it. 17 songs and 17 videos all strung together to make a one hour and twenty minute film. Working on the last three videos. I’m thinking I’ll be done in a couple of months. Then the real […]

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It’s Weird to Grow a Beard

I took some time off from the CONSPIRACY project to write and illustrate my first kid’s poetry book. It’s called, “It’s Weird to Grow a Beard” and it should be out on Kindle, Nook, iPad and PDF formats by the end of January. Hopefully the Mayans were wrong. 😉 It’s 17 poems and 39 illustrations. […]

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A Frog in a Puss

Working on the Conspiracy project is a major undertaking. It’ll probably take well over a year to complete. Especially now that I’ve added a Graphic Novel to the project.  Also, the subject matter requires a lot of research. And all of it is disturbing. So I figured I create something to make me feel better […]

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Free Pre-Release Single from Neal Fox’s “Conspiracy”

Hey kids, since “Conspiracy” will be taking at least a year to complete, I’m offering the first single now for free – a year before it’s official release! Just sign up here and you’ll get the download immediately. So there’s no need to suffer any longer. Do it today!! (Yeah, and there’s a lot more […]

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Hear “Conspiracy” as I create it!

SPECIAL OFFER for my friends and fans! Want to hear my new show as I write it? Most of you know I’m going to spend the year creating my new one-man rock opera/multimedia show, “CONSPIRACY”. I won’t be posting the new songs anywhere so I thought I’d give my fans a chance to hear them […]

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Does it always have to have a message?

Nope! Art or music with a message is just something I’m personally interested in. But there are times when you just need a good laugh or to just look a something pretty and not have to think. I consider these moments the times when you’re recharging your batteries or taking a little breather so you […]

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Love Is In The Air

Hey! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. So I wrote a song and created a video just for lovers. Hope you like it.

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Socialism and Darwinism

Oh, for the good old days when being liberal meant you hated big government. What happened to that healthy mistrust of Big Brother? Somehow, liberals today decided that the kindhearted thing to do is give our lives over to the Feds because Big Government is so much more concerned about the well-being of their fellow […]

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Conspiracy Whackos

In my view, there are three types of people concerning conspiracies. The person who sees conspiracies in everything, The person who thinks there are no conspiracies anywhere The person who sees conspiracies where there are actual conspiracies. Numbers 1 and 2 are both wackos on the subject of conspriracies. Number 3 sees reality. All types […]

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2012 – The End Of Freedom (And it’s got nothing to do with the Mayans)

My idea for this website and the Conspiracy Art Series has been in the planning stage for the last few months. In that time I decided to expand on the idea of just the art series, to including videos, music and live performance. The plan now is to spend this year creating a one-man, multimedia […]

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