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Well, it’s almost July 4th and the CONSPIRACY Project is almost complete.

At least the “documentary” portion of it. 17 songs and 17 videos all strung together to make a one hour and twenty minute film. Working on the last three videos. I’m thinking I’ll be done in a couple of months. Then the real work starts. Marketing. Continue reading »

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Free Pre-Release Single from Neal Fox’s “Conspiracy”

Hey kids, since “Conspiracy” will be taking at least a year to complete, I’m offering the first single now for free – a year before it’s official release!

Just sign up here and you’ll get the download immediately. So there’s no need to suffer any longer. Do it today!!

(Yeah, and there’s a lot more free stuff you’ll get along the way.)

Do it, Bunky. Ya know you want to.

Click HERE.

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Hear “Conspiracy” as I create it!

SPECIAL OFFER for my friends and fans!

Want to hear my new show as I write it?
Most of you know I’m going to spend the year creating my new one-man rock opera/multimedia show, “CONSPIRACY”. I won’t be posting the new songs anywhere so I thought I’d give my fans a chance to hear them as I create them all through the year.

If you’re not already on my fan list, just sign up and you’ll get my INFREQUENT newsletter with a password to each song as I finish them. You’ll be the only ones to hear these songs until the show is released on DVD (or performed in your town.)

So sign up here. And tell your friends. And please share this post.

(You’ll also get 4 free songs and a password to my first short film, “The Life and Times of Satchel Tomain”.)


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Conspiracy Whackos

In my view, there are three types of people concerning conspiracies.

  1. The person who sees conspiracies in everything,
  2. The person who thinks there are no conspiracies anywhere
  3. The person who sees conspiracies where there are actual conspiracies.

Numbers 1 and 2 are both wackos on the subject of conspriracies.

Number 3 sees reality.

All types think the other two are nut jobs. Only number 3 is correct.

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2012 – The End Of Freedom (And it’s got nothing to do with the Mayans)

My idea for this website and the Conspiracy Art Series has been in the planning stage for the last few months. In that time I decided to expand on the idea of just the art series, to including videos, music and live performance. The plan now is to spend this year creating a one-man, multimedia Rock Opera called “Conspiracy”.

And could the timing be any better. Continue reading »

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The Conspiracy Series

If you’ve looked through my galleries you’ve noticed a series of pictures called, “The Conspiracy Series”.

This is a group of digitally manipulated photographs combined with some hand drawn art that cover the various topics that the main-stream media like to call, “conspiracy theories”. Continue reading »

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