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It’s Weird to Grow a Beard

I took some time off from the CONSPIRACY project to write and illustrate my first kid’s poetry book. It’s called, “It’s Weird to Grow a Beard” and it should be out on Kindle, Nook, iPad and PDF formats by the end of January. Hopefully the Mayans were wrong. 😉

It’s 17 poems and 39 illustrations. Took a few months but I think it turned out great. It was a necessary break from all the research I’ve been doing on CONSPIRACY. This book is pure fun. I think it’ll be good for kids from three to ten years of age.

Now all I have left to do is get it formatted for the various eBook formats. Also need to format it for the physical book. Each one is a slightly different thing. Not easy. And I’m creating a new web site that’s more “kid friendly” then this one. That one is (with a dash). Also created a trailer for the book.

So this should take me clear into the beginning of 2013. Then on to CONSPIRACY!

Happy Holidays to you all.



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