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A Frog in a Puss

Working on the Conspiracy project is a major undertaking. It’ll probably take well over a year to complete. Especially now that I’ve added a Graphic Novel to the project.  Also, the subject matter requires a lot of research. And all of it is disturbing. So I figured I create something to make me feel better while I’m doing all this depressing stuff.

What better way to feel good than to do something for kids. Something silly, something that might teach an important lesson or two. Something that’s light and fun and a joy to create. That’s what I’m doing with this new project. It’s a book of poetry for kids. I’ll also be illustrating the poems. At this point I’ve got two poems written already. One is called, “A Frog in a Puss” and the other is, “Why Not!”

Working on this project is making me feel great. It’s reminding me about the joy of being free. It’s reminding me why I started the Conspiracy project. It’s all for the future of our planet. And kids are the future.

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