2014 Activist News

On December 6, we held a private screening of Neal Fox’s new film, The CONSPIRACY PROJECT. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive. This one-of-a-kind documentary in song, will give a boost to the freedom movement as it is inspirational, educational, entertaining and motivating. The CONSPIRACY PROJECT rekindles the spirit of freedom, liberty and prosperity in America

Neal uses of all of his skills—songwriting, filmmaking, art, performance, editing, and animation—creating a work of art intended to make people think. The art from the film is already available, right here, on the The Art Offensive. Order yours today and help support this movement!

2013 Activist News

CONSPIRACY PROJECT – The second teaser: There’s A Darkness
Get onboard the truth train—or at least check out another point of view—with this new song sample from Neal Fox’s CONSPIRACY Project. “There’s a darkness when they’ve got your soul to keep…”

CONSPIRACY PROJECT – The third teaser: I Should Have Done Something
Regret is something we all experience at some time or another. But when it comes to freedom and the fate of your country, this is a burden you won’t want to carry. Neal’s lyrics nail it. Listen to this video clip and maybe you’ll never say, “I should have done something...”

CONSPIRACY PROJECT – The fourth teaser: What They Gonna Do to You
The Patriot Act, and changing policies that infringe on our rights—all done to supposedly protect us and maintain our freedom—led Neal to write this warning. Take action or find out too late, “What they gonna do to you…
CONSPIRACY PROJECT – The fifth teaser:  Blood on the Horizon
It took about a year to create the music but now it’s done and Neal is moving on. Phase Two: the videos. Since this part will take a lot longer, this will be last of the video messages. A dark and mysterious song…”I see blood on the horizon…

Neal Fox Goes Off the Hook in an Interview with Lisa Mei Norton on Big Dawg Music MafiaLisa Mei Norton does a great job interviewing Neal in this episode of Off the Hook and After Burner, on Big Dawg Music Mafia. Enjoy it. [June 14, 2013]

CONSPIRACY EP  – Now Available
Purpose of the project: To bring awareness to various subjects or causes that mainstream media ignore, or misrepresent, or make light of.
The three songs are: 1. How The Game Works, 2. Two Planes — Three Buildings, 3. What They Gonna Do To You, and the EP is available now on CDBaby, iTunes, and Amazon.

2012 Activist News

GRAND OPENING of Neal Fox’s new site, The Real Neal Fox. Sign up for a free Pre-Release single from his show, Conspiracy.

Neal Fox will be spending the year creating a one-man, multimedia Rock Opera titled, “Conspiracy”. The show will include videos, music, live performance and work from the Conspiracy art Series.

Footage taken from 9/11 visit to New York City will become part of music video dedicated to survivors, families and First Responders. Song is called, “Epilogue (Love Grows).”

First series of art prints titled, Conspiracy,  previews on The Art Offensive site.

A new song and video by Neal will be created in time for Valentine’s Day. The song is called, “You” and is a romantic love song dedicated to his wife.

2011 Activist News

Appeared as special guest with screening of F**k the Fed at the Save America Convention.
The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America screens in the Downtown Boca Film Festival.
The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America wins Best Documentary award from Artists for a Better World.
Emcees Liberty Fest NYC,with live performance of F**k the Fed, at Club Amnesia in Manhattan.

Premier exhibit of EXPOSED: the Art Project at the Barry Gross Gallery.
Song, “I Am Free,” written for Citizens Commission on Human Rights (Florida) to keep kids free of psychiatric drugs.

2010 Activist News

“Life Sucks,” a digitally enhanced photograph wins First Prize for Photography in the Through the Eyes of Love exhibit, honoring World AIDS Day.

2009 Activist News

F**k the Fed screened in three film festivals and won music video awards from the Delray Beach Film Festival and the Palm Beach International Film Festival.

“We’re All Gonna Be There (When She Dies)” gets high praise in the Doing Dylan contest: “Epic piano setting – this guy knows how to write. If there’s any justice in this world we should hear Trisha Yearwood singing this most beautifully constructed song.” It was also a finalist in the Unisong International Song Contest.

Songs for the New Revolution goes on sale on CD Baby.
New music videos for “Take Out the Trash” (political) and “On the Backs of the Few” (a tribute to freedom fighters) posted on YouTube.

Live performance at the famous Tobacco Road in support of Everglades Awareness.